Teachers’ perceptions on the level of integration of ICTs in health sciences education in Bujumbura

J. Nyandwi J, L. Ntakarutimana, F. Nkezabahizi, J. Niyonkuru, Y. Kamikazi, S. Butoyi, P. Nimubona, L. Bazira.

7th East African Health and Scientific Conference, 27-29 March 2019


In recent years, ICTs provided a great support for the transmission of know-how in health sciences education even in the African countries. However, few studies exist on this issue.


To assess trainers’ perceptions of ICT integration in health science education in BURUNDI.

Material & Method

It was a cross-sectional descriptive study targeting the professors of Faculty of medicine (Burundi University) and the National Institute of Public Health. Data was collected through a written questionnaire and processed using the Epi-Info software.


Thirty-nine (50%) teachers responded and among them 29 men (74%) and 10 women (26%). The average age was 46 [25-65]. All respondents (100%) confirmed to use a computer or a smartphone, 97% of them claimed to have these tools. More than 85% of teachers confirmed that ICT enriches lessons content (97%), increases interactivity in the class-room (97%), facilitates quick transmission of knowledge (92%), improves better understanding (90%), increases student motivation and the opportunity to do more practice exercises (87%).

On the other hand, some teachers think that ICT decreases student critical thinking (49%) and the risk to be flooded by uncontrolled information (44%).

A number of barriers to ICT integration have been reported including weak connectivity (74%) and insufficient equipment (62%).


A wide range of tools and ICT-based education methods are available. They are poorly exploited in Burundi while the opportunities for their use are present in teaching.

Conclusion & Recommendation

The benefits of integrating ICT into education are already observable even with limited use. Teachers perceived that ICTs are less integrated into the teaching of the health sciences. There is a urgent need for awareness and implementation of strategies to use ICTs in learning process.